How to Use in Six Steps

Step 1st

Go online and search for Here you can test the speed of your internet connection by the server close to you or the one which you are using.

Step 2nd


The system will prompt the server automatically , if not; select the server that is close to your location. By this you can find the exact internet speed by the server used by you.

Step 3rd

If you want to select the server by your choice you can select it by clicking on server list. The list will appear as above. You can select the suitable server for you.

Step 4th

Click on Go to begin your speed test.

Step 5th

Speedtest will begin, you will get the details of Download speed and upload speed, which is displayed to right side. Also you can get the ping and Jitter details.

Below you will find the server name and IP address]

Step 6th

Get the download and upload speed of the internet connection that you are using.

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